Package org.tmapi.core

This package defines the core TMAPI interfaces.


Interface Summary
Association Represents the topic map association construct.
AssociationRole Represents the topic map member construct (known as association role in HyTM).
Locator An abstract representation of any addressing scheme.
Occurrence Represents the topic map occurrence construct.
ScopedObject The base class for all objects which take a collection of topic objects to define a scope or parameter property.
Topic Represents the topic map topic construct.
TopicMap Represents a topic map construct.
TopicMapObject The base class for all objects in the TMAPI system which represent constructs in a topic map.
TopicMapSystem A generic interface to a TMAPI system.
TopicMapSystem.ConfigurableHelperObject An interface for a helper object implementation which requires notification of the TopicMap instance it acts upon.
TopicName Represents the topic map topic name construct.
Variant Represents the topic map variant name construct.

Class Summary
TopicMapSystemFactory This factory class provides access to a topic map system.

Exception Summary
DuplicateSourceLocatorException Exception is raised when a source locator is added to a TopicMapObject, that already exists in this TopicMap.
FactoryConfigurationException Exception thrown when a TopicMapSystemFactory instance cannot be instantiated through the method TopicMapSystemFactory.newInstance().
FeatureNotRecognizedException Exception thrown when the TopicMapSystemFactory does not recognize the name of a feature that the application is trying to enable or disable.
FeatureNotSupportedException Exception thrown when the underlying implementation cannot support enabling or disabling a recognised feature.
HelperObjectConfigurationException Exception raised when the configuration of a TopicMapSystem.ConfigurableHelperObject instance fails.
HelperObjectInstantiationException Exception raised when the instantiation of a helper object fails.
MergeException The base class for exceptions related to merging of Topic or TopicMap instances.
ModelConstraintException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to modify a TopicMapObject in a way which violates a constraint of the currently enabled processor model.
SubjectLocatorClashException Thrown when two topics cannot be merged because the XTM 1.0 model does not allow a Topic to have more than one value for the subjectLocators property.
TMAPIException The base class for all standard (non run-time) exceptions thrown by a TMAPI system.
TMAPIRuntimeException Instances of this exception class should be thrown in cases where there is an error in the underlying topic map processing system or when integrity constraints are violated by a TopicMapObject.remove() operation.
TopicInUseException Thrown when an attempt is made to remove a Topic which is being used as a type or as a role player in an association, or in a scope.
TopicMapExistsException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to create a new TopicMap with a base locator that is already assigned to another TopicMap in the same TopicMapSystem.
TopicsMustMergeException Exception raised when a Topic is changed in such a way that it would have to be merged with another Topic in the same TopicMap.
UnsupportedHelperObjectException Exception raised when no implementation class is specified for a requested helper object interface.

Package org.tmapi.core Description

This package defines the core TMAPI interfaces. These interfaces represent topic maps and all of the constructs found in topic maps as defined by the Topic Maps Data Model (TMDM). In addition, this package contains interfaces, classes and exceptions that represent the basic machinery for instantiating, accessing and manipulating a topic map processing engine.